MODERATE Fifth General Assembly Held in Genk, Belgium

The MODERATE project proudly held its Fifth General Assembly on June 11-12, 2024, at the VITO researcher premises in Genk, Belgium. This crucial meeting convened all project partners to provide updates on the current status of the project’s work and to strengthen collaborative efforts towards our shared goals. The assembly included a comprehensive agenda that […]

MODERATE at the BuiltHub Project Final Event: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Buildings

MODERATE proudly participated in the BuiltHub project’s final event in Brussels, organized with ICLEI Europe. The event featured an insightful sustainable buildings walking tour through the city’s center, underscoring the pivotal role of BuiltHub project outcomes in supporting the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This initiative highlights MODERATE’s commitment to sustainable urban […]

Francesca Conselvan Presents Breakthrough Research on Synthetic Electrical Load Profiles at ISEC Conference

In a significant stride forward for electrical engineering research, Francesca Conselvan, alongside her esteemed colleagues Philipp Mascherbauer, Daniel Harringer, and Daniele Antonucci, presented pioneering work at the recent ISEC conference in Graz. The focal point of their presentation was a poster titled “Neural Network to Generate Synthetic Electrical Load Profiles,” which garnered substantial attention and […]

MODERATE and INFINITE Projects Collaborate to Launch pyBuildingEnergy, Revolutionizing Building Performance Assessment

A groundbreaking collaboration between the H2020 Project INFINITE and Horizon Europe Project MODERATE has resulted in the launch of pyBuildingEnergy, a pioneering open-source Python library aimed at revolutionizing building performance assessment. Developed as part of ongoing research efforts, pyBuildingEnergy introduces innovative features to evaluate building energy consumption and comfort levels with unprecedented accuracy.   pyBuildingEnergy […]

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Compliance Made Easier with New Python Library!

In response to the recent passing of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) by the European Parliament on March 12th, our team is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking open-source Python library called pybuildingenergy. With the EPBD mandating member states to renovate a significant percentage of non-residential buildings to meet decarbonization targets, […]

MODERATE Project Joins #SmartEnergyCluster to Accelerate Energy Transition

In a significant stride towards advancing the global energy transition, the MODERATE project has announced its participation in the #SmartEnergyCluster, a collaborative initiative aimed at revolutionizing the energy sector. The decision comes as part of MODERATE’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in energy consumption and production. The #SmartEnergyCluster, known for its pioneering efforts in […]

Highlights of the REHVA Brussels Summit 2023- Check the video!

The MODERATE project took a prominent role at the REHVA Brussels Summit, particularly during the policy session. The workshop, titled “Enabling Sustainable Building Performance: Data Exchange Innovations by MODERATE Project,” received an enthusiastic response. The event highlighted innovative data exchange methods that enhance sustainable building performance, showcasing how MODERATE is transforming data utilization for greater […]


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