MODERATE Fifth General Assembly Held in Genk, Belgium

The MODERATE project proudly held its Fifth General Assembly on June 11-12, 2024, at the VITO researcher premises in Genk, Belgium. This crucial meeting convened all project partners to provide updates on the current status of the project’s work and to strengthen collaborative efforts towards our shared goals.

The assembly included a comprehensive agenda that not only covered project updates but also featured an insightful Energy Transition Tour, organized by VITO.

Day 1: Energy Transition Tour Part 1 Participants embarked on a journey through the history of the Genk coal mine. This exploration provided a historical context to the region’s energy production and underscored the transformation from coal-based energy to sustainable alternatives.

Day 2: Energy Transition Tour Part 2 The focus shifted to the future of energy districts with an introduction to the EnergyVille campus. This part of the tour highlighted the THOREAQ initiative – Testbed HOme Renovations, Energy solutions, and AirQuality. Participants were introduced to cutting-edge research and innovative solutions aimed at revolutionizing home energy efficiency and improving air quality.

The assembly was marked by productive discussions, valuable exchanges of ideas, and a strong reaffirmation of our collective commitment to the MODERATE project’s objectives.

We extend our sincere gratitude to VITO for their exceptional hospitality and to all partners for their active participation and contributions. The spirit of collaboration and the shared vision for a sustainable energy future were evident throughout the assembly.


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