In a nutshell

Data nodes: Flexible data nodes based on open
standards keep data-producers in cotrol of their datasets

Data Synthetization and augmentation: machine learning
synthetization techniques make possible sharing an open
dataset while satisfying anonymization requirements and
preserving the commercial value of the original dataset

Apps and services: A collection of open-source data
driven analytics bridges the gap between information and

More robust, improved and consistent monitoring of
performance of buildings

In a nutshell

MODERATE project

MODERATE aims to connect data providers with other building stakeholders by improving interoperability between datasets, by making use of data from different providers and aims to develop services based on data analytics that can transform raw data into knowledge for end-users.


Lack of interoperability between building datasets is a key issue MODERATE aims to address by developing an open marketplace where data can be reliably shared between data owners. In a next step, the platform will allow for users to make use of different services to analyse the available data, gain insights on the building stock and create a long-term impact for the management of buildings.

Using Synthetic Data

A key aspect of the platform to increase trust for providers to share the data they own, is the use of synthetic data generation techniques, which are not widely applied in the building sector yet. These techniques protect the most sensitive data similar to classical anonymization and keep 80 to 90% of the most valuable parts to allow for insightful data analytics.

Who can use MODERATE?

MODERATE connects data providers with other stakeholders in the industry. On one hand owners of building data sets (Facility Managers, ESCOs, regional/national government agencies, …) can reliably share their data through the platform and integrate it with others for aggregated datasets.

In a next step the data providers, together with other building stakeholders, can make use of the data analytical tools that will provided through to platform to gain meaningful insights from the data available through the MODERATE platform.


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