MODERATE at the BuiltHub Project Final Event: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Buildings

MODERATE proudly participated in the BuiltHub project’s final event in Brussels, organized with ICLEI Europe. The event featured an insightful sustainable buildings walking tour through the city’s center, underscoring the pivotal role of BuiltHub project outcomes in supporting the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This initiative highlights MODERATE’s commitment to sustainable urban development.


MODERATE’s Leadership in Clustering Activities with EU Projects:

Driving Innovation at the August Hackathon: In a significant move, MODERATE is teaming up with BuiltHub and DigiBuild for an August hackathon. This collaboration focuses on developing data-driven applications that promise to push the boundaries of innovation and technology in building performance and sustainability. This initiative exemplifies MODERATE’s leadership in fostering groundbreaking advancements.

Strategic Collaboration with the Smart Energy Cluster: MODERATE’s collaboration extends to the Smart Energy Cluster, where we are jointly exploring state-of-the-art solutions to optimize energy use in buildings. This partnership is a testament to our strategic efforts in clustering activities, enhancing our collective impact on sustainable energy practices.

Pioneering Machine Learning Methodologies: In conjunction with BuiltHub, MODERATE is at the forefront of pioneering new methodologies based on Machine Learning. These advanced techniques are designed for the meticulous collection and analysis of data on existing building characteristics. Our innovative approaches are set to revolutionize building performance, demonstrating MODERATE’s leading role in transforming industry standards.

MODERATE continues to drive progress through strategic clustering with other EU projects, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and sustainability in the built environment. Stay tuned for more updates on our impactful collaborations and upcoming events.


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