MODERATE featured on Innovation News Network!

Launched in early 2020, the Innovation News Network has rapidly established itself as a premier source of the latest global research, emerging science, policy developments, and innovation news. The network’s daily news updates are enriched by contributions from an extensive array of policymakers, scientists, researchers, and organizations, ensuring a comprehensive perspective on cutting-edge advancements.

At the heart of the Innovation News Network’s offerings is The Innovation Platform publication. This quarterly digital magazine is a deep dive into a multitude of innovation realms that are shaping our world. These enriching editions of The Innovation Platform are readily accessible for free on the organization’s website, providing a valuable resource for those interested in the forefront of global innovation.

An in-depth profile of the MODERATE project has been released, offering a comprehensive look into its innovative endeavors. This profile is now available for download: MODERATE article, providing a valuable resource to explore the project’s intricacies. Discover more about MODERATE’s mission to establish a connection between data providers and consumers through a cutting-edge marketplace.



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