Learn about MODERATE in the REHVA Journal!

Are you interested in learning how MODERATE is improving data exchange between different data providers/owners through data synthesis? Or how platform will make free data-driven services available to enhance the analysis of building performance, providing real-time insights and facilitating optimization? Read our article in the REHVA Journal that was published in April 2023. 

The article gives an outline of two essential components of the project:

  1. Improved data collection and exchange through data synthetisation: The platform uses data synthetisation techniques to ensure that sensitive data is anonymised, but most of the data’s value is retained for analysing building performance. Data synthetisation makes it more secure for data owners to share their data and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This way, the MODERATE platform can combine multiple datasets within the building sector and obtain aggregated results.
  2. Analysing the data through data-driven services: The platform will include ten data-driven services that transform raw data into meaningful knowledge. These services cover different aspects of the building industry and work with static, dynamic or both types of data.


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