“Data-driven Retrofits: Upgrading to Climate Resilient Buildings” @EURESFO

On Friday, October 20th, during the European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO) in Cascais, Portugal, an insightful panel discussion titled “Data-driven Retrofits: Upgrading to Climate Resilient Buildings” was hosted by BuiltHub. This session, attended by almost 40 participants, featured a  presentation by our fellow partners,  Pablo Amador from the Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE), representing  MODERATE. Pablo shared his expertise on real-time data analysis, which provides valuable information and performance indicators for buildings.

Alongside Pablo, the consortium partner Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), represented by Judit Kockat, and ICLEI, represented by Marcelo Lamkowski, also took the floor to discuss the BuiltHub Platform and Community.

Additionally, Dr. Shaojuan Xu from the ILS City of Dortmund presented the Catch4d project, highlighting its utilization of thermographic surveys to create 3D thermal models of buildings. Elissavet Bargianni from Athens shared insights into the Athens case, where over 60% of emissions originate from buildings. She discussed how data can be a valuable tool, especially in densely built cities like Athens, focusing on retrofitting to address the challenges posed by the tourism industry.

The Athens case illustrated the significance of leveraging building data to assess and improve the rate of renovation and retrofitting in densely populated urban areas. The panel discussion underscored the importance of retrofitting buildings using smart technology and information platforms, emphasizing the pivotal role of data sharing, aggregation, and analysis in bridging the gap between building and renovation policies and their practical implementation at the local and building levels. BuiltHub also had the opportunity to network during the study visit and Marketplace activities, making it a valuable and enriching experience.


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